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MAKE-UP : Kate Moss Look: Phase 3

This look begins from where Phase 2 ended. This look is based on the make-up style of Kate Moss. It is divided up into four seperate phases. Each phase is based on the different times of the day. The first phase starts off from a good foundation and then finishes as a good day make-up style for work or daytime look. The second phase of this make-up starts off where the first phase ended and becomes an after work look. The third phase of this look starts where phase two ended and is layered into a good going out to dinner look. Finally, the fourth phase of the Kate Moss Look is a glamourous clubbing look.

A quick synopsis of this look -

  • Brows: Groomed and colored
  • Eyes: Cold brown sheer cream, highlight, black pencil
  • Lashes: Layers of black mascara
  • Blush: Berry cream blush
  • Contour: Taupe color
  • Lips: Knocked down with foundation and peachy pink lipstick
What is needed for this phase is:
  • Greasy Taupe eyeshadow (vaseline or clear lipgloss mixed with taupe or any neutral color eyeshadow)
  • Black mascara
  • Cream or powder shimmer for highlights
  • Peachy pink lipstick or clear gloss
  • Neutral color cream blush
  • Black pencil
  • Neutral powder (free powder)
Optional Tools:
  • Soft round brush
  • Small soft pointed brush
  • Foundation brush

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